Monday, August 30, 2010

"Enter Glenn, P.T. Barnum, Beck!!!"
Saturday the greatest show on earth came to Washington, D.C.  Thousands upon thousands of red, white and blue Americans came to meet together in what would appeared to some as a great "revival" meeting.  But was it?  Could it be that what really transpired was a big giant "hoodwinking?"

For all intents and purposes Glenn Beck is right about America, right about our national government, right about our president.  But he is wrong about religion and Beck's is Mormon, and Mormonism is not Christianity in any shape, matter or form. Yet, Beck has managed to get Evangelicalism to forget that and embrace Beck and his religion as just another Christian denomination and another form of Christianity.  But "no, he's not," and "no, it ain't!"

Unfortunately, modern evangelicalism doesn't know the Bible enough, Biblical doctrine enough, nor the tenets of Mormonism to know the difference.  Most of Evangelicalism knows little about justification through God alone, Christ alone, Scripture alone, by grace alone, through faith alone. And obviously, by the number who showed up to support Beck's Washington Revival, few Evangelicals know, remember, or have chosen to look the other way, that Mormonism rejects the Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ, see What Mormons believe about Jesus?.  Beck is a nice guy and for all accounts a moral one.  But behind this maybe something more dastardly than even Obama's Christian disguise.

So what is the "real deal" with Beck?"  Could the tears and platitudes and flag waving be a veiled move to mainstream Mormonism as a mainline Christian religion?  Could he be at work to make all of Evangelicalism accept Mormonism as a Christian denomination on par with Baptist, Methodist, etc.?  Appears like it.  Beck's big tent revival has got every denomination and Christian religion locking arms with him to "restore America."  They've all laid their doctrines down to have this great ecumenical move for God and country.  But at the heart of it is the great big dumbing down that will eventually play well for a false prophet to latch on and have his bidding with the masses.  

Whatever is in the heart of Glenn Beck is dangerous for true Christianity.  Beck may be moral and have more integrity than any Christian you currently know.  But the grand difference between Beck and Christians is that we have placed our faith and trust in the LORD JESUS CHRIST as THE ONLY substitute for our sins. Jesus, being the sinless Son of God, sacrificed Himself, becoming sin for us that we might become the righteousness of God, 2 Corinthians 5:21.  In spite of Beck's wonderful love for America, that will not be enough to save him in the Day of Judgment.  Jesus was right when He told His disciples, "Beware ye of the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy," Luke 12:1.

Look up the definition of "ecumenicalism."  Watch carefully. 

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